Post-hack Support

We’re looking for solutions that can quickly and impactfully make a difference in our communities. But we understand that once this hackathon finishes, some of you might need extra support to make that happen.

During the hackathon process, we’ll be reaching out to companies, techies and ministries who can potentially support your initiative to get it live, after the hackathon ends. They’ll be closing watching how you progress, and we’ll be connecting the most impressive solutions and teams to supporters who can help you make it happen.

Luckily there are already some great organisations and ministries behind you, check out these opportunities below:


  • Area of interest: ICT for Education, Crisis Management, Social Distancing and Personal Hygiene.
  • How can they help? – Cash prize 1 Million USD Fund – Private and/or public sector partnerships are encouraged to submit proposals of up to 200,000 USD each
  • Details here: SMART COVID-19 FUND